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The Most Advanced
Low-Height Beds

Newly designed bed frames for use

in all healthcare settings.

Healthcare Applications

Whether you are working to get residents back on their feet, or ensuring ongoing resident comfort, we have a solution. Our low-height beds and healthcare products are designed to maximize care, comfort, and cleanliness.

Our long-term care products are designed to ensure resident comfort while offering easy-to-use controls for employees and visitors.

Our home care beds and accessories maximize comfort at home while providing residents and loved ones the support they need.

Our post-acute care beds maximize comfort and independence for recovering patients. 

Our strong, extendable beds allow your facility to standardize its fleet without sacrificing features for any veteran. 

Set your assisted-living center apart with a smart, comfortable, and good-looking bed. Our beds offer comfort residents would expect at home but with more advanced features.

Offer end-of-life residents the comfort, dignity and care they need with an Athena Healthcare Products Inc. bed.

The Socrates Bed™

At Athena Healthcare Products Inc., we aim to provide the safest and smartest care products at affordable prices. To accomplish this,  we set out to refine low-height care beds to create an all-in-one solution to every healthcare need.

The result was The Socrates Bed™, our signature bedframe that can be customized to fit individual needs of healthcare providers and residents.

The Right Mattress For Your Residents

SocratesBed-High-Mattress 1

With our range of pressure reducing mattresses, you can find the perfect mattress for your residents’ needs.

All of our mattress covers come in 4-way stretch materials and are fluid resistant, fire retardant, anti-microbial (Smart Silver), and anti-fungal.  Covers are easily cleaned and disinfected with properly diluted cleaning solutions.

Athena Healthcare Products Inc. Thera Case Goods

Essential Case Goods

Finish your residents’ care setting with Athena Healthcare Products Inc.’s line of case goods. Our full line of case goods provide superior structural integrity for a long life.

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